Do you have a treatable dementia?

“Do I have a treatable dementia?” is the question patients and their families hope to answer when we think we might have Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s or other untreatable dementias.

There are hundreds of treatable causes of dementia, each requiring a special test to identify. This site uses software and recent research to give you and your doctor evidence-based tools approved by neurologists, immunologists, pharmacists, medical researchers and experts in each field. It’s a one-stop-shop to gather information to help you determine if your dementia may be treatable.

Why Do We Do This?

We do this because we are a group of dementia experts from research labs around the world, who desire to use our knowledge for the benefit of humankind. Our staff includes some of the top names in drug research – donating their time to the eradication of dementia. Each of us has had a relative or a close loved one suffering with dementia.

About us.

We hate the label Alzheimer’s Disease because it virtually means “untreatable dementia” when the data show that Alzheimer’s Disease is known to be erroneously over diagnosed in hundreds of thousands people every year.

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The tools we’re offering.

Our programmers and data architects are experts in big data, machine learning and other large scale data tools used to solve large problems, and highly individualized problems.

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