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We hate the label Alzheimer’s Disease because it virtually means “untreatable dementia” when the data show that Alzheimer’s Disease is known to be erroneously misdiagnosed in hundreds of thousands people every year – people who have a treatable dementia. Extrapolate out to the world and that’s millions of people with treatable dementias being told that they have an untreatable degenerative disease that is not only a terminal diagnosis but can destroy legacies.

Alzheimer’s Disease is a mind game, and the data are on our side.

We encourage you to have hope. Dementia, from the Latin, is literally “unminding.” We have to mind it! We will not give up, our volunteer staff at I2A will not give up, the companies that sponsor our effort and the scientists, clinicians, and programmers will not give up. So, YOU don’t give up

Alzheimer’s Disease is a big problem, and it is a solvable problem.

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